Chapters 8 & 9, Taylor B.

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Chapters 8 & 9, Taylor B.

Post by iaasbntaylorb on Fri Apr 10 2009, 05:30

I thought that it was good of Elie to keep his father alive even though his father wanted to go ahead and die. Elie is so willing to do anything for his father it is absolutely great to do that I am very surprised at him to do that. I don’t know if I could do even do that with my own relative. I was crazy that he missed meal to feed his dying father, when he went to sleep that night and his father was on the bottom of the bunk and he was on the top bunk, and when he woke up and his father was gone it was so sad. I think it was very hard for him, but he said that it didn’t even phase him and all he was think about I food. Im was think that it is so cruel, that they stave them people so much that they cant even think about food. but at least he stayed strong and went on all thinking about food . when they were about to leave the camp I thought it was crazy that they stopped al the food and stopped everything and Elie was on e of the people to last leave and then they had to go on a train for a long time its ridiculos. at the end Im not sure how he got food poisioning but but when he was put in the hospital and then look end the mirror and said aall he said was a dead corpes I was like, for a large amount of his life he was in the concentration camp and . its horrible to see him say that about himself.


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