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Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02 2009, 11:30

i thought the first chapter was pretty good it was just hard to get into. it was a little confusing because of tghe way it was worded but when i went back and said it to myself a couple of times it started to make sense. in some part it was hard to read like the part when it said that they would throw babies in the air and use them as targets. once i got past the religion part everything started it get more interesting. I like how elie was very religious and was so young. I know when i was young i wasnt very close to God even though i went to church. i find it hard to believe how a young person like elie is so religious. i feel that the people should have listend to moche about the cops and not have judged him because he was poor. If they didnt have a problem with moche then they should of believed him. i felt bad for elie's family because they had to leave everything behind them. it would be very hard for me to do that. that would be the hardest thing for me is to just pack my things and leave. and when i got to where i was headed i had to give all of that up. over all the chapter was good but i hope the second one is better and has more detail to things.i cant wait to read the next chapter.


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