Chapter 1 :)

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Chapter 1 :)

Post by Superman on Fri Apr 03 2009, 00:39

Chapter one was pretty interesting. It started out kind of boring but later on in the chapter I became infitnitely more involved in the text. I really liked the part when Moche the Beadle got captured by the Nazi party and was sent into the woods to dig his grave. But he escaped and fled back to his hometown to tell everyone what had happened. The bad part was that no one would believe his story. Everyone thought he had gone mad. Even Elie didnt believe him. They should have believed him cause in the near future the Gestapo came and took over their whole town. They formed two ghettos in their town. Elie lived in the first one that was made. But they still lived their life like nothing was going on. But eventually the Hungarian police came to their town and created a butt load of decrees. Then one day Elies dad had to go to this secret meeting for awhile. When he got back he told everyone about how the next day all the jews were being deported. I was shocked when he said that. I thought about the way Moche the Beadle had to feel because he knew he was right and no one listen to him. They shoulld have cause now they were about to be deported. I would have hated to be one of them because they knew it was coming and they did not even try to save their selfs. They should have listened to him!


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