Chapters 6&7 Response!

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Chapters 6&7 Response!

Post by nicole on Thu Apr 09 2009, 01:38

Overall I think these two chapters were the most interesting because they were the most real chapters and they talked the most about how the Holocaust came to an end. I would hate to be asleep and hear gun shots all night long knowing that people are on the way to kill me. I like how the SS officers ran with the Jews but I hated that they carried their weapons with them. I did not like the part about his friend Zalman and how he had to give up his life just because he got a stomach ache and could no longer run, he got trampled on and people stole his clothes, to me that is just horrible. I didn't like the part about how the Rabbi's son tried to lose him so he could live for himself and not worry about anything or anyone but hiself. I thought that part was hard to read because I could never imagine doing that to the only person I have left in my life. I also hated how as soon as they got to the new concentration camp and thought they could rest, they had to get up and march 40 more miles. I would be so exhausted and I would probably just lay there in the snow until I died. I hated the part when Germans were throwing coins and bread on the trains and just watching the Jews fight til their death for it like it was a television show.


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