chapters 8&9

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chapters 8&9

Post by amber on Fri Apr 10 2009, 00:33

I thought that chapters 8 and 9 were really good. It had a pretty good ending for Elie, besides his father dying. I thought it was horrible in chapter 8 when Elie’s father had died. Elie had worked so hard to try to survive because of his father. He didn’t want to leave his father’s side. But when it comes to the opposite end, Elie’s father didn’t try to hold up. He wasn’t thinking of Elie at all, he was thinking of himself, dying. I think he was actually looking forward to dying because that’s all he would talk about and he wasn’t going to try to live any longer. I would be kind of upset at my father if I had tried that hard to stay by my father’s side the whole time, and he didn’t do it to me. I would have at least tried to hang on for a little while longer if it was my son or daughter. But I guess I could understand him being that way, since he was aging and getting weaker. I bet it was really hard for Elie to let him go.

In chapter 9, I was really excited that he got to get out of the concentration camps. I knew he was really happy to get out of there, but you could tell that nothing really mattered to him at the end, because of his father’s death. I was happy when he said ‘’at about six o’clock that evening, the first American tank stood at the gates of Buchenwald.’’ I was glad to find out that the Americans had arrived to save them from all of their torture.



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